Blog: Too Many Emails? 3 Tips for Organizing Your Inbox

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You’ve likely thought at one point or another, “I get too many emails.” Good news! There are steps you can take to fix that problem. Read on for 3 helpful tips to start organizing your Inbox.

1. Purge Your Inbox

For many, this is a daunting task. Most of our Inboxes are full of old emails that we will never need to read again. The first step to getting organized is to sort through the emails that have been sitting untouched for months or years. Here are some general rules to consider during this process:

• Keep: Any email that you haven’t read yet and/or requires some sort of action or response.
• File: Any email that you’ve dealt with but may contain important information that you need to remember or come back to in the future. We’ll touch more on your email filing system later.
• Delete: Any email over 30 days old that you no longer need and doesn’t contain any important information.

This step may take some time, but make an afternoon of it! Put on some music, grab a snack, and sort through your emails. Once your Inbox is cleaned out, it will be much easier to manage going forward.

2. Unsubscribe, Unsubscribe, Unsubscribe

Some marketing emails can be useful, especially ones from companies and brands we regularly come into contact with. But if you find yourself deleting emails from the same sources without even opening them, it’s time to unsubscribe. Most companies have made this process easy – just scroll to the bottom of the email and find the “Unsubscribe” link. This will take you to a page where you must confirm your un-subscription, and voila, you are removed from the mailing list.

The fewer unwanted emails in your Inbox, the easier it is to organize.

3. Use Filters or Rules to File Emails

Perhaps the most effective way to keep your Inbox organized is to use an email filing system. You can create different folders for your various categories of emails. For example, emails from family members can be sorted into your “Family” folder, emails from us can be sorted into your “Surveys” folder, etc. This way, emails won’t be filling up your Inbox and it will be much easier to find important emails later on.

By applying Rules (or Filters) to your emails, they can skip your Inbox altogether and go straight to the appropriate folder. Rules allow you to identify emails by sender or subject line and then have a specific action performed. For example, you can create a Rule that all incoming emails from Maru Voice UK go directly into your “Surveys” folder.

There are different ways to set up Rules or Filters depending on the email service you use. Click the links below for directions on how to set up Rules or Filters for your Inbox:

• For Gmail, click here
• For Apple Mail, click here
• For Outlook, click here


We hope this helps you manage your Inbox so you can focus on the emails that are important to you.

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