This site may set one or more cookies when you visit. All the possible cookies that may be set are listed below, but please note that not all cookies will be present - which ones exist depend on which features/functionality are enabled on the site at any given time, and which you have used in this session.

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You currently have the following cookies set on this site:


Our application sets a cookie called 'server' whenever you access anything that might require you to be directed to the same server in our cluster for all the pages in your visit. It contains only the name of our server, and no tracking or other IDs. E.g. it might contain "www32" indicating you are on our server called www32 for your session.

This cookie contains no tracking information, is not used by our research or other software in any way other than to check that you are correctly staying on the same server during your session, and is deleted automatically at the end of your session.

Raa_Authenticated_Token / authkey

This cookie is set when you log in to one of our sites, and maintains your login session with us.

This cookie does not do any tracking on its own - but it contains a reference to the user account you have on the site you logged in to. Your activities on the site (when logged in) may be logged or analysed in accordance with the terms & conditions of that site. Only the web site you logged in to can 'see' this cookie - and it cannot be used to log you in or track your activity on any other web site.

The cookie will be deleted either at the end of your session or, if you ticked a "remember me" box, then at a point a few months after you log in.


This cookie is created by our site infrastructure in order to maintain information across your session.

If you log in, additional information from your account may be linked to this cookie, and used in accordance with the terms and conditions you agreed to when you registered. This cookie is automatically deleted at the end of your session.


Our polling/voting feature (ePollingStation) uses a separate cookie to keep track of which polls you have participated in, and when.

This uses a permanent cookie called 'eps' which is created when you answer a poll. It stores only the ID of each poll you have answered, and the date+time you answered it. It does not store what answer you gave to the poll, or any other information about you or your browsing history.

This cookie exists only to ensure you aren't offered the same poll too often on a site, and to show you the results for polls you have already answered. A cookie is used because our platform - for speed/efficiency reasons - queues the answer you gave before inserting it into our analysis databases. Before your answer has been imported the cookie is the only way the system knows to show you the answers instead of displaying the same question again.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used on this site and will also set cookies of its own. Google Analytics provides important information about how people access the site - like which pages are most popular.

It sets four cookies, the names of which start with "__utm". They keep track of the pages you visit and provide this to Google for inclusion in analytics reports.

Please note that it is not possible for us (or anyone except Google) to join your analytics data with anything identifiable about you. This data can only be used on its own in aggregated non-identifiable form.

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