Blog: 3 Questions About Online Surveys (Answered by an Online Research Company)

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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! We answered three frequently asked questions about taking online surveys. Continue reading to learn more.

Why do I sometimes get asked questions I’ve answered in a previous survey?

Sometimes you may notice you’re being asked questions that you’ve already answered in a previous survey. This is usually because we need to ensure we’re collecting your most current response or opinion on a particular subject – situations and opinions can change over time. In other cases, we track yours and other members’ opinions over time to try and understand changes in society, culture, thinking, etc.

Why can’t I choose the types of surveys I want to answer?

We recognize that some of our survey topics will interest you more than others. We encourage you to participate in a wide selection of surveys because it’s just as important for us to collect the opinion of someone less interested in a certain topic as it is for us to gather the opinion of an enthusiast.

Whenever possible, we send you surveys based on what you have told us about yourself to make sure the questions are relevant to you. You can also, of course, choose to not complete any survey that you find irrelevant.

Why weren’t my responses relevant for a survey?

There are a couple reasons why your responses may not be relevant for a particular survey. In some surveys, we require responses from a very specific subset of people. For example, adults aged 35-55 who live in a city and work in healthcare. You may screen out of a survey if the information you provide does not align with what we’re looking for in that particular research study. However, for most surveys, we’re interested in hearing from a variety of people and we’re always fielding new surveys that may be of relevance to you!

Another reason you may not be able to complete a survey is if the overall quota has been reached. Every survey we send out has a maximum number of responses needed, so if that maximum is reached while you’re completing the survey, you will be screened out because we are not able to accept any more answers.

We hope this provided some insight into why you’re asked certain survey questions and why you receive particular surveys. If you have any other survey-related questions, let us know and we will be happy to answer them!

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