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What happens after you submit your survey responses? Where do your answers go? How is your opinion used? We want to answer these questions by sharing past examples of how your responses and opinions have made an impact.

The pandemic seems to have made people more cautious. The last couple of years have changed a lot of our behaviours. A recent Maru poll of British citizens looked at 38 activities they intend to do more or less of when the pandemic recedes. Maru compared responses of the British general population (gen pop) and those of millennials (people born between 1981 and 1996). The top behaviour that people say they will do more of is hand washing. A net 53% of the gen pop intend to do it more, with a net 60% of millennials saying they will do it more. The net numbers are the percentage of people who say they will do it more minus those who say they will do it less. For example, 62% of millennials intend to do it more minus 2% who say they will do it less for a net of 60% of millennials who will wash more. Avoiding large crowds is another behaviour people say they will do more of. A net 33% of the gen pop have this intention versus a net 41% of millennials. More people are thinking of their future now. When asked about seriously setting money aside for potential future emergencies, a net 32% of the gen pop said they would, while a higher net 44% of millennials said they would.

Picture of a pub with several people in it.

These intentions look like they will change the social and business lives of many Britons. They will do less dining in a restaurant or pub, less foreign travel for vacations, less movie viewing in a theatre, and less people intend to go to in-person business conferences. Some intend not to return to office work. A net -27% of the gen pop and -22% of millennials intend to work in an office with colleagues close by. The arts will suffer too as net -20% of gen pop and -13% of millennials intend to go to a theatre to see a play or musical performance. People’s contact with each other will be decreased too if they carry through with their intentions. A net -20% of millennials and -16% of the gen pop say they intend to hug or shake hands when greeting a friend.

Have the last couple of years made you see life differently and changed your behaviours?

You can see the full results here.


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