Blog: Your Opinion in Action: British Post-Pandemic Activity Intentions

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What happens after you submit your survey responses? Where do your answers go? How is your opinion used? We want to answer these questions by sharing past examples of how your responses and opinions have made an impact.

A survey finds that British consumer-citizens will be increasing at least 16 of 38 activities after the pandemic fully recedes—ranging from washing their hands and paying by contactless means to online shopping and working from home—compared to what they were doing before the COVID-19 virus arrived and forced a major societal shut-down in March 2020.

The increased activities are juxtaposed with the remaining group (22) of expressed intentions to do less of compared to what they were doing before the pandemic, such as going to a movie theatre or playing an indoor sport, traveling for a holiday, going on a cruise, to go out with someone they don’t know well, or to take in a buffet dinner.

The survey put a series of 38 activities to those living in Britain and asked if they intended to do more, the same, or less of each after the pandemic recedes—and then calculated a simple Net score (the difference between the ‘more’ and the ‘less’.) For example, more (56%) of the British general public intend to wash their hands after the pandemic recedes than those who say they will do it less (3%) or the same amount (41%) than they were doing before the onset of the pandemic—leaving a net of +53% (56%-3%=53%) who will do it more.

People in the streets, wearing masks

The findings are as follows:

Will be doing more of Net score
Washing my hands +56%
Avoiding large crowds +46%
Online shopping +34%
Seriously set money aside for potential future emergencies +32%
Paying with contactless (i.e. tapping your card or phone) +29%
Holiday or trips within driving distance rather than flying +28%
Eat on an outdoor patio at a dine-in restaurant +27%
Cooking at home rather than going out +26%
Use telehealth rather than visiting a doctor’s office +26%
Make coffee at home rather than take away/pickup/restaurant +24%
Working from home +22%
Online banking +19%
Using bank’s mobile app on your phone +19%
Connect with friends/family via video +14%
Meal delivery or take away +9%
Talk to a bank or other financial advisor about your finances +2%


Will be doing less of Net score
Use online tools to built a financial plan -1%
Eat inside at a dine-in restaurant/pub -7%
Go to church -9%
Play an outdoor sport like tennis, basketball, or fishing -10%
Attend an open-air concert -14%
Beer/alcohol delivery -14%
Hug or shake hands when greeting a friend -16%
Go to a theatre to see a movie -18%
Travel to another country for a holiday -19%
Go to a theatre to see a play or musical performance -20%
Travel by airplane for business or pleasure -20%
Attend an indoor concert -24%
Play an indoor sport like squash, basketball, or bowling -25%
Work in an office with colleagues close by -27%
Go to a fundraising event like a dinner -28%
Go to a large sporting event in an indoor arena -29%
Go out with someone you don’t know well -30%
Ride a subway or bus -31%
Go to an in-person business conference -31%
Eat at a buffet-style restaurant -33%
Go to a cruise -37%


For detailed results and information on methodology, please see here.


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